Five Million Pennies

Our building is in constant need of upkeep and renovation.  Years of water seepage into the walls caused cracks and mold in the plaster.  We re-sealed the gables of the building, halting the water, and are now faced with re-plastering the walls of the Nave.  Age also causes the stained glass windows’ framework to deteriorate, and several windows are in need of a thorough repair, and then replacement of or completely new protective glass on the outside. Years of coal soot – Nashville’s “Smokey Joe” smog of years past – need to be cleaned from the ceiling, requiring the erection of scaffolding, and the application of much Murphy’s Oil Soap and elbow grease. Other needs range from rebuilding pew kneelers to refitting the original organ loft and balcony.

We are having a drive to collect five million pennies – $50,000 – which will accomplish some, but not all of our goals.  When you see a penny on the ground, will you pick it up and bring it to us?  Add, perhaps, those annoying pennies that collect in your pocket or the bottom of your purse.  We want to stabilize and improve the physical fabric of this historic building in order to perpetuate the mission of Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Nashville.

  • Worship Service Times

    Sunday Services

    Holy Eucharist  8:00 am

    Christian Education 9:30 am

    Holy Eucharist  11:00 am

    Sunday Afternoon
    Church in the Yard Eucharist 2:00 pm
    Followed by a meal and fellowship

    Wednesday Evening  Holy Eucharist  6:00 pm

    Lenten Series and Soup / Salad Supper

    follows the Wednesday Evening Eucharist.

  • Directions

    615 Sixth Ave South
    Nashville, TN 37203
    (615) 256-6359

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